Rae Warner

Rae Warner (She/Her)

Title: Program Administrative Assistant

Organization: Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board

Bio: Rae Warner is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation, originally from Smith Lake, NM. Her clans are Tábą ą há (Water’s Edge Clan) born for Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House People). Her maternal grandfathers are Mą ’íí deeshgíízhíníí (Coyote Pass – Jemez Clan).

Her paternal grandfathers are Naakai dine’é (The Mexican Clan). In 2012, she began her work at the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc. (AAIHB) where she worked for Audiology Department as Healthcare Technician. She has provided hearing testing and hearing aid services to over 3,000 Tribal community members who receive audiology services each year. We work with IHS physicians to diagnose and treat hearing problems. As of 2019 she currently is the STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Administrative Assistant and the SAMSHA Capacity Building Initiative for Substance Use and HIV Prevention Services for At-Risk Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth and Young Adults Project. She is also the Southwest Tribal NARCH Program Project Administrative Assistant to the SAMHSA Prevention for Community Wellness.

In addition to her work at AAIHB, Ms. Warner serves as the community for the New Mexico Community Planning and Action Group Southwest Indigenous Initiative (SWII). She attends Community Health Fair to provide Public Health Sex Education and has experience as a certified HIV/HCV tester and counselor.

Tribal Affiliation: Diné