Kunane Dreier

Kunane Dreier (He/Him) Title: LGB&T Program & Capacity Building Manager Organization: Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center Bio: LGB&T Program & Capacity Building Manager at the Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center, Kunane Dreier is a leader within the LGTBQI Community providing ongoing cultural humility training to service providers.  He is experienced as a RESPECT, counseling, Outreach, Testing & Linkage, and … Read More

Kurt Begaye

Kurt Begaye (He/Him)Title: Capacity Building Specialist for the Community Health Education and Resiliency Program Organization: Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board Bio: Kurt Begaye, Hashk’ááhadzohí (Yucca Strung Out on a Line Clan), born for Tó’aheedliinii (Water Flow Together Clan), is Diné originally from Chinle, Arizona and currently resides in Albuquerque New Mexico. He is the Capacity Building Specialist for the Community … Read More

Elton Naswood

Elton NaswoodTitle: Co-Coordinator Organization: National Native HIV Network Bio: Mr. Naswood is an Independent Consultant and the Co-coordinator for the National Native HIV Network. He was formally a Senior Program Analyst in the Capacity Building Division at the Office of Minority Health Resource Center. He previously was a Capacity Building Assistance Specialist at the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center … Read More

Rae Warner

Rae Warner (She/Her)Title: Program Administrative Assistant Organization: Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board Bio: Rae Warner is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation, originally from Smith Lake, NM. Her clans are Tábą ą há (Water’s Edge Clan) born for Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House People). Her maternal grandfathers are Mą ’íí deeshgíízhíníí (Coyote Pass – Jemez Clan). Her paternal grandfathers are Naakai dine’é (The Mexican … Read More

Dr. Amruta Dixit

Dr. Amruta DixitTitle: Epidemiologist & Student Development Director Organization: Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center Bio: Dr. Amruta Dixit is an epidemiologist and the student development director at the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center. She earned her PhD in infectious disease epidemiology as well as her MPH in epidemiology from the University of California Irvine. She has a decade … Read More

Savannah Gene, M.S., CHES

Savannah Gene, M.S., CHES (She/Her/Hers) Title: Program Director Organization: Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board Bio: Savannah Gene is a proud member of the Diné Nation. She is Totsóhnii (Big Water Clan), born for Hashk’áánhadzohí (Yucca Fruit Strung Out in a Line Clan). Her maternal grandfathers are Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle People Clan) and her paternal grandfathers are Tł’izíłání (Many Goats Clan). She … Read More

Ayn N. Whyte, M.S

Ayn N. Whyte, M.S (She/Her)Title: Executive Director Organization: Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board Bio: Ayn N. Whyte, M.S., Diné, is Tó’aheedlííníí, born for Kinyaa’anii. Her maternal grandfathers are Naasht’ézhí dine’é and paternal grandfathers are Naakai. This is how she identifies as a Diné woman. Ayn grew up in Crownpoint, NM with much of her childhood at her maternal grandmother, Christine … Read More

Lee Torres

Lee Torres (They/Them)Title: HIV Prevention Specialist and Harm Reductionist Organization: First Nations Community HealthSource Bio: Lee Torres has been doing HIV prevention work since 2017 at First Nations Community Healthsource. In 2018 First Nations added syringe services to the HIV prevention department, Lee now participates in both the HIV prevention and Harm Reduction world. Lee is co-chair for the South … Read More

Javier Ríos, M.A.

Javier Rios (He/Him/El)Title: Program Director for the University of New Mexico – AIDS Education and Training Center (UNM-AETC) Organization: University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center – Project ECHO Bio: Javier Ríos was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a bilingual New Mexican of diverse Irish, Mexican, and LGBTQ background. He loves playing basketball, exercising, traveling, … Read More